I'm glad you wrote about this. I've also felt the huge benefits of spending time sharing my thoughts and talking with people on twitter, and also felt the changes to my attention span and deep work cycles since I started trying to do so a few months ago. It's one of the few habits I have that I'm so conflicted about, feeling the pros and cons both so acutely.

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"I can feel a shift inside me towards a slower, more thoughtful kind of creativity that invites me to make things that take time to research, refine and craft. Where Twitter encourages rapid quantity, I feel myself drawn to moderately-paced quality. I want to shift the balance of creative playfulness in my life more towards curious exploration and less from low stakes banter."


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LTOFY love it

feels very natural too. i knew something would show up for you!

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Uff yes i feel you. Such a wonderful essay, thank you.

I have been trying to get into Twitter properly again over the last few weeks and after an initial excitement, I’ve been reflecting a lot on my intentions of how I want to interact online and share my ideas.

Looking forward to your YouTube revival :))

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I resonate with this a lot. I’ve felt a real disconnect on Twitter the last few months. And although I build

My feed with interesting and thoughtful people something still feels off for me.

Very much looking forward to seeing how Substack encourages a different kind of crowd to explore & be curious about deep ideas

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